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Seedlip x Machine Spirit-Free Beverage Kits


We've partnered with Seedlip to bring you two exclusive Spirit-Free Kits that don't sacrifice any taste or texture despite being non-alcoholic.

For a limited time, you can shop the Forbidden Fruit and New Fashioned recipes, which  come complete with a bottle of the recipe's Seedlip mixer, the proprietary mocktail mix, and a  recipe card for the perfect pour every time. Plus, you can even add CBD to your mocktail mix for an extra way to chill.

Each kit yields 16 servings (based on Machine serving sizes).

These kits are available ONLY for curbside pickup weekly Fridays - Sundays, from 4-10pm.

All orders must be placed by midnight on the Thursday before pickup.

Easter weekend only:

Order Online & Receive a Complimentary Mini Bouquet

with Pickup & Cocktail Kit orders $60+


Name For Pickup

Forbidden Fruit

a refreshing, vibrant beverage with a vegetal, gin-inspired base and hints of strawberry

add Forbidden Fruit Kit

New Fashioned

a zero-proof spin on an Old Fashioned cocktail, with satisfying body and a touch of spice

add New Fashioned Kit

2 CBD Servings

includes two single-serving packets of CBD

add 2 servings of CBD

Allergies/Dietary Restrictions

Pickup Time/Date: Friday - Sunday 2-10pm (Order must be placed midnight the Thursday before pickup time)

Gratuity/Pledge - This Goes Directly To Our Team
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